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Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership

Participants will define Emotional Intelligence (EI) as a leadership and management competency, building upon a model for emotional and social competency. At the end of this session, participants will be […]

7 Habits Introductory Workshop

We are pleased to offer The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Introductory Workshop for Associates. This one-day session taught by a Covey-certified instructor represents a remarkable opportunity to learn, […]

Attitude: Radiating Possibility

Transform old attitudes of negativity and doubt to new attitudes of courage and possibility! Attend "Attitude: Radiating Possibility!" This program features the work of Ben Zander, world-famous conductor of the […]

AI Image Generators


This live training focuses on various AI tools for creating and editing images. Participants will learn about freely available and low-cost tools such as Bing Image Creator, DALLĀ·E 2, and […]


Practicum AI

UF Informatics Institute 432 Newell Drive, CISE Bldg E251, Gainesville

If you have an interest in artificial intelligence (AI) but do not know where to start, the Practicum AI workshop series is for you! Practicum AI is a hands-on applied […]


From Manager to Motivator

Supervisors often cite employee motivation as a major challenge. How do we create an environment that really motivates employees? This workshop helps supervisors focus on what really matters when it […]

Accountability in Workplace

Participants will define "accountability" as a leadership competency and explore ways to incorporate accountability in their interactions with employees. The overall objective of the workshop is to identify ways to […]

Guide to Faculty Appointments

This workshop is designed to increase participants' understanding of the faculty appointment, recruitment, and hiring process. In the session, faculty appointments and titles will be covered, including appointment status modifiers […]