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Mastering the Challenge of Managing Employees

"Bill's work is not up to speed, but I'm afraid he's going to get angry if I tell him." "Mary does good work . . . when she actually comes to work." "The problem with Joe is his attitude." "I just want to fire her!" Employees who are difficult take up a lot of their […]

Attitude: Radiating Possibility

Transform old attitudes of negativity and doubt to new attitudes of courage and possibility! Attend "Attitude: Radiating Possibility!" This program features the work of Ben Zander, world-famous conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. Together with his partner, Rosamund, Ben instills his values of coaching employees by talking about enriching lives with enthusiastic participation and defeating […]

AI Image Generators


This live training focuses on various AI tools for creating and editing images. Participants will learn about freely available and low-cost tools such as Bing Image Creator, DALL·E 2, and Photoshop AI Generative Fill. A live demonstration of how you can use these tools to create and/or edit desired images will be presented. Techniques for […]


Practicum AI

UF Informatics Institute 432 Newell Drive, CISE Bldg E251, Gainesville

If you have an interest in artificial intelligence (AI) but do not know where to start, the Practicum AI workshop series is for you! Practicum AI is a hands-on applied AI curriculum intended for learners with limited coding and math background. Using hands-on exercises and graphically based, conceptual content, our hope is to support learners […]


From Manager to Motivator

Supervisors often cite employee motivation as a major challenge. How do we create an environment that really motivates employees? This workshop helps supervisors focus on what really matters when it comes to employee motivation. Participants will learn to: communicate in a way that builds committed, self-confident employees; focus on what really motivates people (it may […]

Accountability in Workplace

Participants will define "accountability" as a leadership competency and explore ways to incorporate accountability in their interactions with employees. The overall objective of the workshop is to identify ways to positively impact performance and work culture to get great results. Pre-registration required in myTraining. A link to Zoom will be sent to registered participants. This […]

Guide to Faculty Appointments

This workshop is designed to increase participants' understanding of the faculty appointment, recruitment, and hiring process. In the session, faculty appointments and titles will be covered, including appointment status modifiers and administrative titles. The faculty recruitment process will be explained. Additionally, information about required paperwork when completing a range of transactions on behalf of OPS, […]


Fall 2023 Accessibility Learning Circles (CITT)


Want to learn more about Web Accessibility? Join UFIT’s Fall Learning Circles! Our first course, “Accessibility Fundamentals for the Web,” consists of four short modules that you can take at your own pace before our module meetings. We will conclude with a guest speaker, Laura Jervis, from CITT who will review essential accessibility tips. Sign […]


Communication for Managers

Communication is consistently identified as one of the most important tasks of a manager. In this session, we will identify key issues, challenges, and strategies to help managers communicate effectively with team members. Topics covered will include: Focal points of communication and communication breakdown for managers; Tools for influencing and knowing when to use them; […]


"It takes too much time to plan--besides, I've been successful so far without planning." "Everything I have to do is important." Sound familiar? In today's work environment, supervisors often are bombarded with simply too much to do. And, while it is true that we don't have enough time to do it all--it is equally true […]