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Grammar Game


Can business grammar be fun? Absolutely. This fast-paced and interactive class is designed to help you catch common grammar mistakes that can hurt your professional image and your credibility. During this course, participants will explore those essential grammar rules that every professional must know such as: - Subject/verb agreement - Who vs. whom; me vs. […]

UF Travel Directives Workshop

Elmore Hall 971 Elmore Dr, Gainesville

Business travel at the University of Florida can be very complex due to the overwhelming amount of rules and guidelines that must be followed. This workshop is designed for departmental representatives that perform travel-related duties. This is not a "how to" workshop. This workshop is designed to provide an in-depth review of travel-related rules/guidelines and […]

Inclusive Leadership

HR Building 903 West University Ave, Gainesville

We know that leaders have a significant impact on creating a culture of inclusiveness within a team or department. In this session, we will explore the foundational elements of inclusive leadership. What does it look like? How does the leader cultivate her or his own inclusiveness and, even more important, create a team environment where […]

Critical Thinking Through Data Analysis


Data-driven decision making is essential for doing business at UF. While running a report may give you information, does it provide the necessary perspective that you need to make a solid decision? Applying critical thinking skills to the information you are analyzing is essential for enabling good decisions. The training is organized around 4 areas […]

Communication for Managers

HR Building 903 West University Ave, Gainesville

Communication is consistently identified as one of the most important tasks of a manager. In this session, we will identify key issues, challenges, and strategies to help managers communicate effectively with team members. Topics covered will include: Focal points of communication and communication breakdown for managers; Tools for influencing and knowing when to use them; […]

Enterprise Analytics – Analysis Studio Quick Start Workshop


The ÔÇťAnalysis Studio Quick Start Workshop" Is intended for experienced PowerPlay (FIT Cube) users. The workshop will focus on providing students with a fast-paced overview of the new Analysis Studio interface and how to complete basic tasks such as searching for data, adding data to the report layout, creating new views and running drill-through reports. […]

Compassionate Communication

HR Building 903 West University Ave, Gainesville

A harmonious and connected workplace makes day-to-day tasks easier and enhances the level of enjoyment we experience at work. This course provides the opportunity to explore what influences your interactions with others and specific tools to use so you can discern what motivates people's actions and communicate more effectively. The course is designed to give […]

Interviewing and Hiring


The hiring process does not have to be a guessing game or a legal mine field--and this session is designed to show why and how. It seeks to help you take the uncertainty out of the hiring process. Through group participation, interactive exercises, and a video presentation, this workshop will show you how to take […]

Communication Confidence


Most of us think we're good communicators. Listening and talking are things we engage in all the time, so we assume we do it well. Unfortunately, that's often not the case. Attend "Communication Confidence" to learn a number of skills and tools to improve the way you communicate with others. Behind these skills are these […]

Reporting Services Workshop


Do you need help with Enterprise Reporting? Bring your questions to the Reporting Services team. During this workshop, you will receive one-on-one assistance with delivered and prompted reports, PowerPlay, and Query Studio. Prerequisites include access to financial and/or HR information in Enterprise Reporting via the UF_FI_UNIVERSAL_INQUIRY role and/or any HR-related security role. Pre-registration required in […]