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Kids and Meals: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Battleground

EAP Webinar

EAP Webinar: Parenting children is quite a challenge in every aspect, but meals and eating habits need not be included as part of the challenge. Recent research findings are suggesting that more liberal attitudes toward allowing young children to govern their own intake is the best way to ensure that children maintain their ideal body weight throughout the rest of their lives. Contrary to earlier ideas about the parental role in ensuring their children’s nutritional and caloric needs, current research findings are supporting the idea of a much less assertive role in encouraging young kids, and consequently all kids, to eat.

Civility in the Workplace

EAP Webinar

EAP Webinar: The prevalence and costs of incivility are on the rise in organizations. When employees are exposed to incivility in the workplace, they experience diminished self-control, which in turn creates increased incivility toward co-workers. Incivility could be as simple as a sarcastic reply to a co-worker’s comment or a perceived rude sentence in an email.

Secrets to Self Motivation

EAP Webinar

UF EAP Webinar: We can do just about anything we set our minds to. But sometimes it can feel like our brains are working against us when it comes to achieving our goals. Plans to learn a new skill, to get in shape or to save money keep getting pushed back in the hopes that the Future You will handle it “someday.”