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Manage Change Before it Manages You Community Sharing Webinar

Change happens. It's a real, concrete part of life that we sometimes wish would just go away, or at least slow down. Now more than ever, we are dealing with rapid fire change and it is having an impact on our lives both professionally and personally. In this webinar, we'll review the Change Cycle, a […]

Remote Work: To Be or Not To Be Webinar

The temporary shift to remote work for many areas has brought about new learning. As a manager, there's a lot to consider when thinking through flexible work arrangements. During this session, we'll review the guidelines and resources for determining an alternate work location and engage in some discussion about possibilities to rethink our way of […]

Conversations with Managers Webinar

This webinar is for managers who want to better understand the UF policies for returning employees safely to the workplace. Brook Mercier, Director Employee Relations, and Tricia Bachus, Leadership and Organizational Development, will facilitate the session and answer questions related to compliance of policies. Pre-registration required in myTraining. A link to Zoom will be sent […]

Setting Boundaries for Returning to Work Webinar

As we prepare to return to campus, there may be some new boundaries that we have to draw to feel comfortable in our new environment. This webinar is designed to help you identify, communicate, and enforce boundaries in a professional setting. Pre-registration required in myTraining. A link to Zoom will be sent to registered participants.

Is Stress Your Friend? Webinar

Many of us experience stress in our lives. Even though stress can be extremely unpleasant it can be managed. In this webinar we will explore the body’s reaction to stress and discuss strategies to change your body's response to stress so you can boost your well-being and productivity. Pre-registration required in myTraining. A link to […]

Can You Hear Me Now? Using Streaming Video & Web Conferencing to Enhance Engagement Webinar

In our ever-changing work environments, we are confronting new communication challenges that require new technological answers. "Can You Hear Me Now," presented in association with UF IT's Video & Collaboration Services, will present you with a basic walkthrough of two streaming communication tools: Mediasite and Zoom. Learn how to engage your team using video technology […]

Managing the Mental Load of Returning to Work Webinar

Our "return to work" isn't a "return to normal." There are new safety regulations that impact our mental load. This webinar is designed to help you understand that new burden and provide strategies to set you up for success. Pre-registration required in myTraining. A link to Zoom will be sent to registered participants.

Engaging with a Virtual Audience Webinar

Communicating virtually (whether presenting, participating in a meeting, leading a class or facilitating a conversation) brings with it a unique set of challenges. A strong virtual presence allows you to engage and build credibility with your audience. In this webinar we’ll share keys to connect with people with authenticity so you can achieve your purpose […]

How Managers use Norms and Crucial Conversations to Promote a Safe Workplace Webinar

Behaviors, not policies, are the key to keeping our workplace safe. Join this interactive webinar to learn strategies for promoting the right behaviors and how to hold tough conversations to make them stick. Through scenarios and Q/A, we'll discuss the challenges and answer your questions. Pre-registration required in myTraining. A link to Zoom will be […]

Building Your Resilience Muscles Webinar

Do you feel like you are just managing to get through these challenging times? It may be your resilience muscles are weak. In this webinar we’ll share with you a roadmap with concepts to build your resilience, regain your balance and move forward with optimism and energy for sustaining and, even, increasing work performance. Pre-registration […]