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Building Your Resilience Muscles Webinar

Do you feel like you are just managing to get through these challenging times? It may be your resilience muscles are weak. In this webinar we’ll share with you a roadmap with concepts to build your resilience, regain your balance and move forward with optimism and energy for sustaining and, even, increasing work performance. Pre-registration […]

Leading Hybrid Teams Webinar

Are you leading a hybrid team comprised of both remote and in-office positions? This webinar will provide supervisors with some best practices and strategies to increase team effectiveness when not everyone is "in the office". Pre-registration required in myTraining. A link to Zoom will be sent to registered participants.

Talking About Grief in the Workplace Webinar

Grief is a very normal and common emotion, but it is largely misunderstood. If we normalize grief and grieving, it is possible to have more empathic and meaningful conversations about various forms of loss in the workplace. After the global experience of Covid-19, it’s a safe assumption that everyone has experienced some form of grief: […]

An Interview with Antonio Farias on Belonging at UF Webinar

This session is an interview with the Chief Diversity Officer, Antonio Farias about his Level Up Podcast Series on Presence and Belonging. Pre-registration required in myTraining. A link to Zoom will be sent to registered participants.

Vulnerable Leadership Webinar

For leaders to disrupt the inequities that exist within our organization, we need to be prepared for courageous conversations that will require a great deal of vulnerability. Simply put, vulnerability is the emotion we experience during times of uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. In order for us to advance racial justice and ensure our workplaces […]

Leadership Conversations: Envisioning Our I.D.E.A.L. Future Webinar

What would it look like to create our IDEAL work environment? What if inclusion, diversity, equity, and access weren't just words, but were our reality? In this session, M. Smith, Assistant Dean for Inclusion at the Levin College of Law, will help us think through the factors impacting these areas. This conversation will help us […]